Fix PDF Tool

When was the last time you used a PDF file. Probably few minutes ago, yesterday or to the most a couple of days ago. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the choice of the age for documenting, recordkeeping and sending data over the web. What makes it so famous is their widespread acceptability, secure features, un-editable format, and universal compatibility.

When was the last time you tried to access a PDF file but you simply couldn’t, even after all your efforts. This can happen anytime, any day. This is because the PDF file you are trying to access is corrupt. There can be a dozen reasons behind a damaged PDF file. It can be damaged from the source itself, got corrupted in cyberspace or may be just broke while downloading.

A few situations indicating PDF damage are:

  • Broken or inconsistent downloads
  • Error message like "file is corrupt or damaged" when you try to open a downloaded PDF file.
  • You receive a blank white screen when you try to open a PDF file online.
  • When you try to print a PDF file, it does not respond.

Fix PDF tool

PDF files lack essential repair features. Apart from a few troubleshooting methods, there isn’t any native utility to repair PDF files. However, fix PDF tool can surely help. It is an easy –to-use utility, designed specifically to repair and recover PDF files. It can repair any PDF file created with any PDF creator and the newly repaired files are also accessible with any PDF reader.

All you need to do is the select the damaged PDF file and let the software scan it. The software does not alter the original PDF file(s) properties and formatting. It just inspects the damaged PDF file, extracts all necessary data from them, and rebuilds a PDF file with recovered data. There an identical PDF file generated in a perfectly working condition and holding all the data from the parent file.

Exclusive Features:

Fix PDF tool has many prominent features which makes it the best PDF recovery software. A few of them are listed here:

  • Completely repairs damaged PDF files with full accuracy.
  • Supports multiple batch recovery PDF files.
  • Preserves original PDF file properties and structure.
  • Recovers all items including text, images, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Keeps hyper-links, comments and notes intact.
  • Retains PDF file formatting like header, footer, font size, and page layout.
  • Recovers page tree, cross-reference table, etc.
  • Creates new working PDF file with the same name as original (recovered files are named in Uppercase).
  • No technical skills required, Self-descriptive and user-friendly interface.

Whatever be the reason behind PDF damage, the solution is the same, viz., Fix PDF software. With maximum support and repair features, PDF file damage won’t be a threat anymore.